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The services we provide at Cindetemm are of a high level of engineering with exclusive software in the region allowing us to guarantee the quality and results that have been tested from the aeronautical, medical and agroindustrial sector.

Escaneo 3D

3D Scanner

3D scanning, inspection, quality control, Reverse engineering and dimensional analysis

Resolution: 30 micras y 120 micras
Scanning area: 3" x 2 1/2" y 12" x 9"
Formato: STL

Impresion 3D

3D Printer

3D prototyping with FDM technology.

Area: 8"x8"x5 1/2"
Material: PLA, ABS, NinjaFlex
CAD model requiered in IGS, STEP, STL

Modelado 3D

3D Modeling

Orderly and synchronous modeling, sheet metal, surfaces, assemblies, planimetry, rendering, movement simulations, structural analysis, etc.

Siemens NX y SolidEdge – CAD,CAE y CAM

Desarrollo de producto

Prduct Development

Professionals in design, mechanics, electronics and programming, converge in the generation of technological developments for the industry and build technical solutions in the manufac products and services.

The price of development is defined according to the analysis of the initial diagnostic

Analisis de elementos finitos

Computer Assistance Engineer

Analysis of the design variables that allow to optimize the functional and manufacturing characteristics of parts and assemblies in 3D.

Analisis termográfico

Thermographic analysis

Avoid damage to your equipment and unscheduled production shutdowns by controlling temperature changes within your preventive maintenance.

Prueba de vibraciones

Vibration Test

This test bench allows to submit manufactured parts and assemblies to simulated vibration conditions that guarantee the functionality in a real environment.

Analisis de señales electricas

Signal Analysis

A powerful 4-channel, 500Mhz equipment ensures reliable measurement of control signals that are often affected by electrical noise and cause machine damage and downtime.

Diseño electrónico

Electronic Desing

The ideal combination of a team of engineers, an electronic software and a pick and place machine allows you to carry out your developments in automation, control, lighting, etc.

Medidor de vibraciones

Vibration Meter

The vibrations effects on moving machines causes wear and failure on parts that can be avoided by performing preventive maintenance offered by Cindetemm.

Medidor de iluminación

Lighting Meter

In the design and adaptation of spaces and the manufacture of lighting products, the points of luminous flux are analyzed to ensure an adequate setting. This service is ideal for this work.